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PO Box:0 Dubai UAE Deira Dubai, UAE

Open:24 hour service in all days including Friday and all holidays.




our services

Carpet and sofa shampooing

provides cleaning services to individual and commercial customers.

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Marble and mosaic floor care

Providing good long life service to protect your marble and mosaic floors.

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Glue removal/wax polishing

Good guaranteed support for glue removal and Wax polishing in your Homes and offices.

Acid bath toilet cleaning

makes your toilet clean and neat with acidic bath cleaning.

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Protection to all type pests

Complete control of all type pests,insects,rat,mice etc

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About Us

AMANAT ALI PEST CONTROL & CLEANING SERVICES is the answer to all to keep your home and office premises clean then always. We are providing 24 hours services including all U.A.E holidays throughout Dubai.
We can assure a complete control of Cockroaches, Bed bugs, rat & mice and all crawling / flying insects etc from your house and Offices with.
We are handling your home and Office premise with respect and your professions.
We are using 100%Dubai municipality approved medicine only. We can be AT your service at any point of time.